How Long To Grow Hair

You just don’t grow your hair long because you want to. There are certain things that must be considered to know how long to grow hair. Long hair will work for you or not depending on several factors. Read on and learn how to choose the right hair length for yourself.

How Long To Grow Hair

The Right Hair Length Per Face Shape

Deciding on the length of your hair has always something to do with what the shape of your face is. The following are the seven different face shapes and what the right hair style is for each of them.

  • Round Face Shape. The best hair style for this face shape is short hair, the longest should be at the length of the chin. This length of hair will help lift a round face.
  • Oval Face Shape. If you have an oval face shape, you are lucky because you can choose almost any kind of hair style. You can choose short, medium, or long hair whether it is straight, wavy, or curly.
  • Square Face Shape. The best length of hair for this face shape is at shoulder level or at least an inch and a half below the chin. A layered hair style will also help soften the jaw line.
  • Diamond Face Shape. This face shape can be given an illusion of an oval face shape by creating width at the forehead and then minimizing the hair at the cheekbones. The hair can be worn short, medium, or long once the illusion of an oval shape is achieved.
  • Heart Face Shape. A chin length hair cut is perfect for this shape of face. It is always important that the hair is worn fuller at the top than the jaw line.
  • Oblong Face Shape. You must care more on the volume of the hair here than the length. Since you have high forehead and long chin, you must get a hairstyle that creates width at both sides to disguise the narrowness of the face.
  • Triangular Face Shape. It is best for people with this face shape to wear short hairstyles.

The Perfect Hair Length For Different Curly Hair Types

The Perfect Hair Length For Different Curly Hair Types

Curly hair looks gorgeous. However, this is often only the case if it is maintained at the right length. Unlike straight hair that can be worn at any length, curly hair needs a lot of thought. Hence, instead of asking why is hair curly, it is better for you to focus on the right hair length to achieve a beautiful curly hair that you can show off. The length depends on the type of curls you have. So if you do not have the perfectly straight hair, read on and find out what your hair length should be for optimal results:

  • Wavy. Wavy hair looks like loose waves. In order for this hair type to flatter, it is essential that it is grown long. If a wavy hair is long, the hair’s weight pulls it to provide long and gentle waves. The best lengths of wavy hair are those starting from the shoulder level to the waist.
  • Curly. This is the type of hair with spiraling curls. This type of hair can be worn anywhere from short cut to a length that reaches the middle back.
  • Super Curly. This hair type is tightly curled where the spirals are just a pencil width or even less in diameter. Super curly hair can be grown to any length. If you have long neck, it is best to wear it super short. You can also grow it really long so you can get a dramatic halo of curls on your head.

The Hairstyle Trend For 2011

The trend when it comes to hairstyle this year is the comeback of the classy and the complex hairstyles. This year, the most popular hairstyles are stylish long-layered haircuts. However, medium-length hairstyles are also on the rise. This length of hair is best displayed this year by adding some definition and volume to the hair by throwing in a fabulous bob haircut. Choppy styles are also in the picture for various face shapes from round to square.

If you intend to keep your hair short, the trend of 2011 does not leave you behind. Retro-inspired short crops can give a youthful glow but make sure to leave the front section longer. This way, you can have your bangs sculpted with creativity every now and then.

If you want to see what kind of hairstyle will best suit you, you can always try virtual makeovers. You can try on celebrity hairstyles as well as a professional hair colour chart to see if they will work for your face shape glamorously. provides a virtual hairstyle makeover that you can take advantage of.

How long are you growing your hair?