Why Is Hair Curly?

Perfectly straight hair is usually a sight to behold. However, this does not mean that curly hair is inferior to it. Curly hair has properties that make it unique, glamorous, and flattering. The only secret here is discovering how to manage this type of hair for best styling results. Read on and discover why is hair curly and how you can properly deal with it.

Why Is Hair Curly?

Why is Hair Curly?

The type of hair you get is usually dependent on the genes you have. However, the makeup of your genes does not fully answer why you get curly hair rather than straight. Before, curly hair was thought to be a product of the shape of the individual hair shafts. However, the truth is that the curliness of the hair is associated with the shape of the follicle. Basically, people with curly hair have a hooked hair follicle. It can be noted that the more hooks the hair follicles have, the curlier the hair will grow.

The main problem of people with curly hair is dryness. This is because the oils secreted from the scalp cannot travel down the hair shaft with ease as compared to a straight hair. This dryness often results in frizzy hair.

Why is Hair Curly?

Different Types of Curls

Curly hair can be subdivided into four groups depending on how the curls behave. They are as follows:

  • Wavy Hair. Wavy hair has waves or curls in S shape all throughout the hair. It sticks close to the head and does not bounce up even when layered. There are three subtypes of this curly hair type. One is the fine, thin, and easy to handle waves, which can be easily curled or straightened. Scarlett Johansson and Cate Blanchett are two celebrities that have this kind of curls. Another subtype of wavy hair is what Carrie Underwood has. It is medium-textured and a little resistant to styling. It even has a tendency to frizz. The last one is what Jennifer Nettles has. It is thick and coarse, which is more resistant to styling. It can even frizz easily.
  • Curly hair. This type of hair has a definite loopy S pattern. The curls are well-defined and appear springy. This type of curly hair is often soft and very fine, which can be easily styled most of the time. Nicole Kidman and Taylor Swift are top celebrities that have this kind of hair.
  • Curly Kinky Hair. Curly kinky hair appears with tight curls in corkscrews. Its circumference is usually the size of a pencil or straw’s diameter. This hair type is what Alicia Keyes has.
  • Kinky hair. This hair type is very tightly curled, usually with a clear visible curl pattern. Its circumference is smaller than the latter type. This hair type is very wiry, very tightly coiled, and very fragile. Celebrities who have this type of hair are Macy Gray and Jill Scott.


How to Manage Curly Hair?

Dryness is the number one problem of people with curly hair. However, this can be addressed through proper management of the hair. To counteract dryness, curly hair must be cleaned with mild shampoo. Harsh shampoos can only steal the essential natural oil from the hair. And since curly hair does not promote natural oil distribution, you do not want a harsh shampoo to steal whatever is left in your hair. Hence, it is best for you to use a mild shampoo that is designed for dry and frizzy hair. Moreover, take note to use shampoo only twice a week for curly hair. Other simple yet effective tips for curly hair management are:

  • Condition the hair every time you shower. Unlike shampoo, you can use a moisturizing conditioner every day to help you better manage the curls.
  • Avoid blow drying curly hair. It is best to air dry it because a hair dryer can only make curly hair to become drier and more prone to breakage. Moreover, avoid hair styling products such as hair color, iron, and the like. Hence, do not worry about the hair colour chart. If you ever intend to color your hair, make sure to use professional hair products that will be safe for your hair type.
  • Use a wide tooth combed to untangle curly hair. This will help lessen the chances of breakage.
  • Grow your hair at a considerable length so that it will not be a constant subject of worry and trouble. Know how long to grow hair that will match your curly hair pattern. Moreover, take note that curly hair must be trimmed at least once a month for better growth.

What kind of curls do you have? Share with us how you manage your hair.