Meditation for Beginners: Free the Mind, Heal the Body

Eat, Love, and Pray. This is what a famous American novel and a Julia Robert’s latest movie offering tells us about moving on and living life to the fullest.  In the part where the film teaches us how to pray, meditation got a five-minute fame making spirituals and health enthusiasts get back sitting in lotus position and say their “aums” once more. If you’re new to this craze, a simple meditation for beginners is just for you. Read on.

Meditation for Beginners: Free the Mind, Heal the Body

What is meditation?

Meditation is simply the art of freeing the mind. It has many types namely the transcendental meditation, Zen meditation, Buddhist meditation, and Taoist meditation, among others. However, all these different types lie on the common ground of quieting the busy mind. Meditation is best depicted as sitting in a lotus position with eyes closed while soothing and serene meditation music plays in the background.

Benefits of meditation.

Originally, meditation was used as a way to connect with God, the Creator. One has to free his or her mind from all distractions so he or she can hear the voice of God. Today, a lot of people attend meditation classes to achieve not just spiritual but physical, mental, and emotional well-being as well. It eventually became a holistic approach to healthy living.

Since meditation frees the mind to achieve calm and peace, negative thoughts are set aside relieving people from stress, worries, and depression. Worrying or thinking too much, experts say, proved to be a major cause of chronic stress and health problems.

Some studies showed that meditation also helps in treating chronic illnesses such as cancer, heart disease, and high blood pressure. Mediation also helped drug dependents in rehabilitation. People with insomnia, ulcers, and irritable bowel syndrome also attest to have been relieved because of meditation.

Getting started.

If you can’t attend classes to learn meditation techniques for beginners, you may meditate in the comforts of your home starting with a simple meditation activity.

First, choose a quiet spot free from all distractions then sit quietly in a comfortable position. You may imitate the lotus sitting position but any relaxed sitting position will do. Second choose a focus word like love or peace. The most famous is “aum”, which is actually a religious chant. Third, close your eyes. Slowly relax your muscles from head to feet. Finally, slowly do an inhale and exhale exercise. Softly say your focus word as you exhale. Repeat the process in 10 to 20 minutes with a positive attitude. When you’re done, don’t stand up immediately. You may just unfold your legs and sit quietly for a minute or two.

Meditation is best done in the morning before breakfast, because you don’t want to have a full stomach. Also,  it will give you a good and positive way to start the day. You may start your meditation routine once every day.

Meditation for beginners is really simple. The technique is developing it as a regular habit until it becomes your discipline. It will also prepare you to the higher level of meditation.