Natural Remedies for Acne

“If your problem is your face then face your problem.” Have you heard that phrase? Acne is one of the major problems men and women all over the world face since time immemorial. It’s ugly and self demeaning and we can’t just run from it. We have to face it. Millions have resorted to expensive anti acne treatment products to no avail. No need to fret. Below are inexpensive and proven effective natural remedies for acne.

Water therapy as acne treatment

Drinking lots of water is proven to be the best natural acne treatment. Since acne is caused by excess toxins in our body, water is the best natural remedy to flush it out. One only needs discipline to count the number of glasses he or she drinks every day. At least eight glasses of water are required but one can drink more. If you’re thirsty, drink water instead of grabbing a soda and other drinks. Don’t only drink when you’re thirsty. Make drinking a glass of water regularly a habit to make those acne go away.

Healthy diet as acne treatment

What you eat is what you are. So if acne is coming out, take note coming out meaning it comes from the inside, then something is wrong in the food that you’re taking in. Avoid oily food, as that is one of the main culprits of acne. Be choosy in the food you take in. Eat healthy food that is full of vitamins and minerals. You may opt for a fruit and vegetable diet in a period of time to detoxify your body to achieve a healthy glow acne-free skin.

Lifestyle watch as acne treatment

Watching your lifestyle can also help in getting rid of acne. Cut the late night outs and hit the sack early. Make sure you get enough sleep of at least eight hours. Stop smoking and drinking alcoholic drinks, which are the habits to bad skin. Living a stress-free and clean life is really good for the skin.

Personal hygiene as acne treatment

Personal Hygiene plays a great role in keeping acne from appearing on your lovely face. Always keeping the face clean and dry, for instance, is not rocket science in natural acne treatment. So keep those dirty hands from your face especially when you’re tempted to prick the ugly acne out. Also make sure that beddings, blankets, and pillow cases which touch the face when you sleep are also clean and dust-free. It’s also part of good personal hygiene to wash your face with clean water and chemical-free soap or facial wash twice a day especially before you sleep. Don’t also sleep with your make-up still on your face.

Natural remedies for acne are really simple and inexpensive. It’s only a matter of strong will and discipline to make it effective. If these remedies still don’t work, it’s better to consult a dermatologist than hitting the skin care racks for treatment. Treatment of acne can need quite some changes. However, compared to acne scar treatment, prevention and treatment of acne itself it should be easy enough.