Nivea Cellulite Cream: Does It Really Work?

Cellulite is just one of the many skin problems plaguing women all over the world. If you’re a woman reading this article, there’s no need for a detailed description of the unsightly skin condition. A simple look at your lower limbs, pelvic region, and abdomen would give you a clear idea what cellulite is. The clamor for an effective cellulite treatment has been loud and clear for many years and Nivea Cellulite Cream seems to be an answer.

Nivea Cellulite Cream: Does It Really Work?


Nivea Cellulite Cream comes from one of the most trusted skin care manufacturing companies in the world. The Germany-based company Nivea successfully entered the body and skin care market since 1911. Nivea, however, didn’t just rely on its name to gain the anti cellulite cream market. In an effective marketing stunt, the company featured Nivea Cellulite Cream in the Tyra Banks Show launching a challenge to ladies in the audience to try a bottle of the cream for free and see its effective results. When the ladies, who got the free bottles, were featured again showing a result of firmer and smoother skin in the area where cellulites are usually seen, the product posted soaring sales in the market.


So how does Nivea Cellulite Cream get rid of cellulite? The magic lies in the skin’s own L-Carnitine, which is formulated in the cream. The skin naturally produces L-Carnitine that helps convert fat into energy reducing the appearance of cellulite. With regular application of the cream, the skin areas where cellulites are will become firmer in just two weeks and the cellulite will be noticeably reduced on the fourth week. The cream will do this magic by just applying it once a day.


Women, however, delivered mixed reviews when they finally tried the product. Some agreed to the promotional marketing stunt they’ve seen in the Tyra Banks show saying their skin really became firm and toned. The positive reviews also claimed that Nivea Cellulite Cream is even more effective than the expensive anti cellulite treatment brands in the market.

Negative reviews, on the other hand, claim that the product is not the best cellulite treatment available. Although the cream made their skin firmer, the unsatisfied women said their cellulite has not disappeared. They also lashed out on the undesirable smell of the cream.

Nivea Cellulite Cream remained one of the best selling anti cellulite cream products in the market despite the mixed reviews. No one can absolutely claim the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of the cream. Does it really work? You have to try it yourself to find out.