Laser Hair Removal

Men and women nowadays have a penchant for smooth and hairless skin. They shave, pluck, and wax, just to achieve a flawless and satin smooth skin. But shaving, plucking, and waxing, only gives a temporary solution for unwanted hairs. They tend to grow back in a week or two, so you have to go through the painful process of removing those unsightly hairs from your body, again and again. Well, those days are over with laser hair removal.

Laser Hair Removal

With the onset of technology in beauty and hygiene, laser hair removal permanently removes unwanted hairs in certain areas of your skin. The torture of painful hair removal methods are replaced by laser, which produces pulsed beams of highly concentrated lights, which are being absorbed by the hair follicle, thus damaging them. Once the hair follicles are damaged, they will not grow back again.

The procedure though may be a bit uncomfortable, but it is not painful. It is done by cleaning and shaving the area, and applying anesthetic cream. Then the laser is applied to the area of the hair that needs to be removed. The session usually takes a few minutes to an hour, depending on the size of the area treated. Redness and swelling may occur, but only for a short time, and most people usually return to their normal activity right after the session.

Laser hair removal is a safe procedure as long as it is performed by a licensed beautician or dermatologist. Complications include darkening or lightening of the treated skin as well as blistering or burning sensation. These effects usually don’t last, and no lasting marks are visible. There are some cases that laser hair removal cause scarring. This risk is included in the consent form that needs to be signed before every procedure. But this risk can be minimize, as long as the procedure is done by an experience technician, as well your ability to heal fast, and also depends on the type of laser used for the treatment. Other effects include temporary change in skin pigmentation, which usually evens out after some time.

The Laser hair removal cost varies from one area to another, and depending on the type of treatment and laser involved. The bigger the area that needs to be treated, and the longer the treatment sessions lasts, the higher the price. Some clinics offer treatment packages, like home laser hair removal treatments, wherein you can have the procedure done at home. This may be more expensive, but it is less stressful and more convenient for you. Other clinics offer discounts when you pay in advance or when you want to have the treatment done in a group, for example together with your friends. It is wise to choose the best deal and price range that suits your budget and needs.

Once you decide to have a laser hair removal procedure, it is best to come in for consultation first before you agree to any treatment and payment. There are different types of hair from person to person, as well as from body area to body area. Facial hair removal is very different from leg hair removal. So, there is no specific flat fee and number of sessions for each treatment. Take note that thicker hair responds better to laser treatment than fine, thin hairs. Thus, the body area and hair type each have a different degree of necessary treatment.

As they say, beauty has its price. Though laser hair removal may be more expensive and takes a number of sessions to achieve the results, the payoff of hairless and smooth skin is the reward itself. Just be sure to have the treatment done by an experience and licensed technician, for a worry-free and risk-free procedure.