Acne Pills for Clear Skin

Acne is everyone’s worst nightmare. Good news is one can put a stop to it just like what happens to all bad dreams: it ends. So if all the topical and natural remedies for acnedidn’t work, acne pills can put a final end to those hideous and demeaning pimples making you say hello to a beautiful clear skin.

What are Acne pills?

Acne pills are oral treatment for serious acne problem in the skin that topical or natural treatment cannot handle. It can either be bought over-the-counter or prescribed by a doctor or a licensed dermatologist. Natural acne pills or oral acne treatment drugs made from natural herb or plant extracts are the ones that can be easily obtained from over-the-counter drugstores. Prescription acne pills, however, are proven more effective or considered as the acne pills that work. In fact, skin experts refer to prescription acne pills when they simply say acne pills.

The Three Types of Acne Pills

Acne pills come in three types namely the isotretinoin acne pills ,the antibiotic acne pills, and the hormone acne pills.

Isotretinoin Acne Pills

The best acne pills are made from isotretinoin. It is the most powerful of the three acne pills. It is the only acne pill that can treat severe cases of cystic acne. Isotretinoin medication takes about four to five months. It can clear the skin in at least one year even after the prescribed treatment. It works by decreasing the amount of oil production in the sebaceous glands of the skin. It can trigger side effects such as chapped lips, skin itchiness, dryness of the skin and nose, mild nosebleeds, eyelids and eyes irritation, joint and muscle pains, temporary thinning of the hair, headaches, and depression. Isotretinoin should not be taken if you are pregnant or plan to get pregnant within the minimum prescriptive period because the acne pill can cause serious birth defects to your baby.

Antibiotic Acne Pills

The most trusted acne pill is antibiotics. It has been used to treat acne for more than three decades with considerable cases of success. It works as anti-inflammatory and bacteria killer on the skin. Tetracycline, minocyline, doxycycline, and erythromycin are the most common antibiotic acne pills. Since antibiotics are broad spectrum, which means killing bacteria in wide range that can include even the good bacteria, yeast infection among women under an antibiotic acne pill treatment is the most common side effect the pill triggers. Other side effects include skin rash, stomach upsets, nausea, vomiting, increased photosensitivity and liver disease. It can also affect contraceptive pill results. Thus, switching to another form of birth control pill is advised if undergoing antibiotics medication.

Hormone Acne Pills

Hormone acne pills are used to treat acne caused by fluctuating hormones or hormonal imbalance in the body. It has also been used for than three decades. It works by helping balance the production of hormones in the body. An increase in male hormone androgen stimulates excess oil production in the sebaceous glands of the skin leading to pimples and severe acne. Hormone acne pills contain the female hormone estrogen or progestin. Intake of the hormone lowers the level of pimple-causing androgen. Ortho Tricyclen, Diane-35, and Estella-35 are the popular hormone acne pills consumed in the market. Same as other drugs, it can also trigger side effects such as vaginal bleeding, fluid retention, melasma, depression, increased risk in developing a heart attack, stroke, blood clot, and breast cancer.

Acne pills should be taken with utmost health precaution. Always consult a doctor or licensed dermatologist in choosing which of the three effective acne pill treatment to take. More than the getting the promise of having a beautiful clear skin, general health should be prioritized.