Permanent Hair Removal

Does laser hair removal work? When the question on the worthiness of getting an expensive laser hair treatment was posed, a shocking truth was revealed about permanent hair removal: it’s not absolutely permanent. 

Permanent Hair Removal

You must wonder why laser hair removal treatment was linked to permanent hair removal. Understanding the evolution of permanent hair removal would clearly explain.


Permanent hair removal has been around for already more than a century in the form of hair follicle busting treatment called electrolysis. It’s a prototype of laser treatment that painstakingly targets one follicle at a time so one can say bye-bye to gruesome body hair. Electrolysis is the permanent hair removal method of pre-laser treatment time. It is still being offered today in a more improved version but more people prefer the painless laser hair removal method despite its very expensive cost.


The electrolysis of the modern times, laser treatment uses an intense fine beam of heated light to remove unwanted hair in any parts of the body. The treatment is non-invasive and painless. It also targets hair follicle faster than electrolysis. Laser hair treatment is one of the most prominent permanent hair removal products in the market today. Needless to say, the painless hair removal method is also the most expensive pegged at $600 per session. Yet, the method, after several sessions, only leaves one free from unwanted hair for a maximum of 17 weeks. Laser technology inspired all succeeding modern methods in permanently removing hair in the body such as intense pulsed light and diode epilation. Still, laser maintains the longest streak in providing a hair-free skin despite the presence of new and more affordable permanent hair removal methods. That is why when people say permanent hair removal they refer to laser treatment.

Permanent Hair Removal at Home

Getting rid of hair at the confines of our home is no longer limited to applying permanent hair removal cream, which is the easiest and cheapest permanent hair removal method that can leave one hair-free for up to three (3) weeks. “At home laser hair removal” kits are now available. It is cheaper and more convenient than going for an expensive laser treatment at a clinic. The kits use low powered laser beams that one can safely use at home in clearing any parts of the body from unwanted hair. In terms of hair-free permanence, it is obviously not at par with clinical laser treatment but definitely renders one a longer lasting smooth hair-free skin compared to other permanent hair removal products.

Permanent hair removal had different names and faces but it wore one the same hat all through the years and that is ending everyone’s hair nightmares. While waiting for the absolute permanent hair removal that would make everyone say goodbye eternally to unwanted hideous body hair, the relative permanent hair removal the market currently offers should suffice in every man or woman’s desire to flaunt a hair-free smooth legs, underarms, and back, among others. It’s better to be hair-free in a day to never at all.