Facial Fillers & Dermal Filler Injectables FAQ

More and more people discover the wonderful world of injectables. Cosmetic surgeon Katja Kiewiet de Jonge answers questions about the latest trends in the field of skin care.

Facial Fillers & Dermal Filler Injectables FAQ

Which are the most important signs of getting older?

The skin not only starts to show wrinkles, but it also loses its volume, which can be seen at your cheeks, for example. Also, your skin can start to show pigment spots and loses its elasticity and shine. Just putting creams on your skin is not enough. A cream can never be effective at the deep level that an injectable can be.

Which are the most important trends in the field of injectables?

The restoration of volume is a big trend these days. One product that achieves this is Restylane, a destructible filler on the basis of hyaluron acid. Besides that, I also increasingly use ‘ skin boosters’, which are fillers that restore the moist balance from within the skin. With these injectables you can treat the face as well as hands and the chest area, for a perceivable larger décolleté. The latter in increasing popular demand.

How does juveniling of the hands and décolleté  work exactly?

The filler gets injected under the skin through very specific injections with a small needle. The amount of filler depends on the condition of your skin. Usually, two or three treatments are sufficient for an optimal result.

Is it true that more and more men are coming in for this treatment with injectables?

Yes, that is true. Men come to my clinic more and more for the filling of small wrinkles. With injectables I can even make these men look more masculine, by increasing the volume in the jaw.

At what age is it best to start with injectables?

Personally, I am an advocate of preventative injections. The average age to start is no longer at 50, but around the age of 30.

In conclusion: are injectables safe?

Only destructible injectables are safe. These dissolve in the skin automatically. But not only the type of filler is important. It is also important to select the right physician. Be well informed about the person who is about to do your treatment.

Restylane continues where creams can no longer be effective. With this multifunctional injectable you can rejuvenate the skin and say goodbye to wrinkles. If you rather want to accentuate the contours of your face or lips, these fillers can help you also.