Permanent Back Hair Removal

Excessive back hair is unsightly. If you are a man with a lot of back hair, for sure you will think twice about going shirtless at the beach or a pool party. Though you can rely on waxing and shaving every now and then, it really is a hard task to groom yourself when it comes to  back hair. Hence, what you need is permanent back hair removal that will end your problem after a couple of treatment sessions.

Permanent Back Hair Removal

The back is a very large area of the body. Unlike facial hair removal, dealing with excessive back hair problems can be time consuming and expensive. With permanent hair removal products like laser and electrolysis, it is possible for you to say goodbye to excessive back hair for a long period of time, if not for good. However, be prepared to spend quite a bit of cash on these sessions, as the back is quite a large area to cover.

Why Undergo Permanent Hair Removal?

It is true that shaving, waxing, and applying creams on the back can get rid of unwanted hair. However, this can only be a good idea if someone will be doing the hair removal for you. Take note that the back is a part of your body that is hard to reach. Hence, shaving and waxing by yourself will be really difficult.

Moreover, the growing hair on the back can come out to be very itchy, which will make you feel uncomfortable all throughout the day. Plus, this can irritate the skin and can even lead to infection. Therefore, men are looking into finding a solution to their excessive back hair growth. And what better ways than permanent hair removal options such as laser and electrolysis hair removal.

Laser or Electrolysis?

It is true that today, electrolysis and laser hair removal are the two greatest options for permanent back hair removal. However, depending on several conditions, not both these options will be good for you. For instance, in laser treatment, the procedure is applicable only for several people such as those with a combination of light skin and dark hair. This is true because the laser light targets the pigment on the hair and skin to kill the hair follicles. If you have dark skin, chances are the laser lights will be targeting the pigment in the skin and burn it as a result. However, there are more advanced laser technologies these days that are designed to help people with other skin and hair types.

Though electrolysis is best for everyone, it is something that can turn out to be expensive. A session that lasts 30 minutes cost around 60 dollars. This is not to mention yet that you need 15 to 30 sessions before you can achieve the best results out of it. And since the back portion of the body is a large area, one session can take longer than average. This is true because electrolysis targets individual hair follicles in order to deliver permanent hair removal results.

On the contrary, laser treatment can cost around 150 dollars or more per session depending on where you live. It takes five to six sessions only to gain good results out of it. However, with laser, there is no guarantee that hair will not grow again.

Permanent back hair removal is a popular solution these days, as it is the only solution in the long run. Hence, it is just right to spend some money and time to finally end the problem.

What do you think is a better option for you, laser treatment or electrolysis?