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Laser Body Hair Removal: Your Guide To Successful Laser Treatment

If you are dreaming of a silky smooth body, you must deal right away with body hair. From the legs to the underarms, you must make a way to get rid of unwanted hair. The good news for you is that laser body hair removal is here for you. Now, you don’t have to undergo painful waxing and plucking methods to clear the problem areas. With laser treatment, you can welcome a smooth skin, less the pain and the regular grooming process.

Areas for Laser Body Hair Treatments

Almost all parts of the body that are usually faced with unwanted hair growth can be treated with laser hair removal. This includes the bikini line, legs, underarms, chest, back, and even face. All these parts can be subject to laser treatment giving you great results that will last a long time.

With laser permanent hair removal, the effort, time, and cost of regular hair removal using plucking, shaving, and waxing methods can be reduced. There is a big chance that the hair will not grow back anymore after a couple of treatment sessions. Nevertheless, even if the hair grows back again, the waiting period can be a long time.

The price of laser treatment depends merely on the area being subjected to treatment. For instance, small procedures like underarm and bikini line will cost around 300 dollars per session. On the other hand, bigger areas like the chest, legs, and back can be as expensive as 700 dollars per session. If you want to get discounts, it is best to check out packages for laser body hair removal. If you purchase laser treatment in bulk for several areas of your body, there is a big chance that you can be given a good discount.

Preparing for Laser Body Hair Removal

Once you are sure to undergo this treatment, you must prepare your skin and the unwanted hair for laser hair removal

One thing you must keep in mind several weeks before the treatment is not to submit to any method of hair removal anymore. This is true for waxing, tweezing, bleaching, and using hair removal cream..

Moreover, you must forget your tanning goals for the meantime. Since laser targets the pigment in both the skin and the hair, you do not want your skin to be tanned. Also, avoid sun exposure as sunburns will affect the results of the laser treatment because reddened skin can interact and affect the laser.

Twenty four hours before the treatment, you must shave all the areas that must be treated. Getting a shaved area will make the treatment session a lot quicker. This follows that you will experience less discomfort and pain all throughout the hair removal process. Plus, if the skin’s surface has hair, what the laser will burn is the hair and not the follicles.

On the day of the procedure, it is advised that you do not use lotions, makeup, perfume, and deodorant. If you are submitting to facial hair removal, don’t put on your makeup. Substances that are present on the skin can only refract the energy coming from the laser and so will hamper its effectiveness.

Taking Care of the Skin After Treatment

Once treatment is over, you can expect that the treated area will appear red and irritated. Take note that this is normal. You can be given post laser lotions to help minimize the redness of the skin. You must also protect the area from exposure to the sun and other elements that can trigger further irritation. After one or two days, the skin is expected to be back to its normal state. If you still experience signs of discomfort or problems on the treated area, consult the provider right away.
Whatever your problem area is, you can expect to be free from unwanted hair through the help of laser body hair removal. If you make sure you know what to do before and after undergoing this treatment method, you can stay away from serious problems.

How To Remove Hair From Face: Laser Vs Electrolysis Hair Removal

Are you running out of options on how to remove hair from face? I understand that facial hair is really annoying and embarrassing. Hence, you will want to do everything possible to get rid of it. If you are tired of having to shave or tweeze every couple of days or so, there are wasy for you to attain permanent facial hair removal with the help of two of the most advanced hair removal options these days, which are laser and electrolysis.

Both of these permanent hair removal products are ideal for facial hair removal. However, the question is, which of these two is the better option for you? Is one better than the other when it comes to facial hair removal? Read on and find out a comprehensive comparison of these two hair removal options.

Which One is Better for You?

Take note that not everyone can have the chance to take advantage of what laser hair removal can offer. In fact, the mainstream laser unit is only recommended for people with light skin and dark hair. Laser can only burn the skin of those people with dark skin and does not offer good results to people with light hair. Hence, the bottom line here is that if you don’t have light skin and dark hair, laser is not a good option for you. Hence, you may try electrolysis.

Electrolysis hair removal is something that can be done to everyone regardless of the hair and skin color. This is because as compared to laser, electrolysis does not target the pigment of the hair. Instead, it targets the hair follicle itself.

What to Expect Out of Both Treatments?

Electrolysis is approved by the FDA in terms of its permanent hair removal properties for everyone. However, this does not mean that every patient can get 100 percent guaranteed results out of this hair removal option. If there are bent or misshapen hair follicles as a result of waxing or tweezing, the electrolysis needle will find it more difficult to destroy the hair follicle. Hence, it does not guarantee permanent hair removal.

The same is true for laser hair removal. Though there are chances of permanent hair removal using this technology, it is usually something that can offer permanent hair reduction from 40 to 80 percent. Plus, since the facial hair is usually finer and lighter, laser may not be able to target the hair properly.

Which is More Painful?

The pain that can be felt using any of these methods is not that high of a level as that of waxing. However, this still depends on one’s pain tolerance. Laser treatment simply feels like a rubber band that is being snapped against your skin plus a heat sensation. If you have coarse and dark hair, you will likely feel more of the burn. Since facial zones are small, you have to tolerate the sensation for a short period only. For instance, if you are targeting the eyebrows, it will take only 15 minutes. Hence, the pain and burning sensation you feel will only last that long.

On the other hand, electrolysis can bring sensation of pricking and stinging. The bad news is that every hair follicle has to go through such kind of pain. Meaning, if you have a total of 100 hairs to be removed, you will feel that sensation a hundred times, too.

Which is More Affordable?

Both permanent hair removal products are obviously more expensive than temporary methods of facial hair removal. For one, facial laser hair removal can cost around 100 to 300 dollars depending on the area being treated. If it is a small area only such as an eyebrow, its price can fall on the lower end of the spectrum. However, this does not end the computations yet. Usually, to get best results, four to six sessions are needed so you do the math.

The same rule applies for electrolysis. However, the price is not usually computed per session here unlike laser treatment. The price is calculated per minute. For instance, a 30-minute electrolysis session will cost 45 dollars and will only cover a small area. Like laser, electrolysis needs several sessions before permanent hair removal can be achieved.

Are you considering one of these options? If not, what is holding you back? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Hair Removal Products

How far are you willing to go for your hair removal goals? Are you willing to spend hundreds of dollars or are you tight with how much you can spend? Well, no matter what your answer here is, I bet there is one thing that can be of help to you. Expensive or cheap, you will find hair removal products that will fit just right in your budget.

Hair removal can cost from zero dollars to as much as thousands of dollars. However, understand that the price you pay for hair removal is usually what you get in the end. If you want free hair removal, you’ll get results that you can enjoy for a couple of days or so. If you are willing to spend for the goal, you can forever say goodbye to your unwanted hair problems. Here, read on further and discover hair removal products for women and men in the market.

Cheap Hair Removal Products

When I say cheap products, it does not always mean you get nothing out of them. Even cheap methods, such as shaving, plucking, and hair removal creams can offer a smooth hairless skin right after one session. The only problem with these options is that, oftentimes, they have limitations. Here is a list of the cheap hair removal products, how much it will cost you to get them, and what you can expect out of them.

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  • Tweezers. To successfully pluck hair out of your skin, it can only take you a one-time investment of around 15 to 40 dollars for a good quality pair of tweezers. After the initial investment, you can pluck your hair from any part of your body without any added expense, unless you need a new pair of tweezers once again. However, the problem with plucking is that it is a tedious hair removal process, it is painful, and it can cause scarring and ingrown hair.
  • Razors. Razors are usually among the best facial hair removal products for men but can oftentimes be an enemy of women. Using razors can cause burn, nicks, cuts, and even coarse and thick hair re-growth. Razors are basically cheap. In fact, you can get disposable ones for less than a dollar per piece. If you want something better, you can get electric razors for around 100 dollars. Shaving creams on the other hand can cost two to 50 dollars depending on the size and brand of the product of your choice.
  • Hair removal creams. Each container of a hair removal cream can cost 30 dollars or more depending on the efficiency of the product, the size of the container, and the brand that manufactured it. Some hair creams that are considered permanent hair removal products are expected to be more expensive in the market but still affordable. This kind of product offers an easy and fast hair removal, which can take three to five minutes of application only.

Expensive Hair Removal Products

Permanent hair removal products are expensive for a reason. This is simply because they bring you out of the hassle of dealing with unwanted hair forever. Here are the best hair removal products that, unfortunately, will cost you hundreds of dollars when you decide to make use of them.

  • Electrolysis. This advanced treatment option is priced around 60 dollars per 30 minutes of session. You need around 15 to 20 sessions of electrolysis treatment for satisfactory results, so you do the math. The price can even be higher is you are about to treat larger areas such as your legs and back. The result, however, is permanent hair removal that no other hair removal product in the market can offer.
  • Laser. A session of laser hair removal can cost 150 dollars or more. Depending on the area being treated, you need three to five sessions before the desired result can be achieved. The price can still vary depending on how large the area being treated is, where you live, and several other factors. The result is not one hundred percent permanent hair removal but 85 percent or higher permanent hair reduction.

Which among these hair removal products have you used before? Do you have any ideas to share with other people out there looking for a solution for their unwanted body hair?

Which Methods are Facial Hair Removers

Are you looking for remedial measures to deal with your unwanted facial hair? If so, then this article will greatly help you in your quest. These days, there are several facial hair removal methods that can help you win the battle against excessive hair growth. They are known to be effective as well as relatively affordable. Waxing is one of the most popular remedies for unwanted hair. Many people love it as it is quick, easy and convenient. All you have to do is apply a layer of melted wax on the area, pull it off with a wax strip and viola! You get a hair-free and smooth, silky skin.

Sugar waxing is very similar to traditional waxing. The only difference here is that you have to use a sugary paste which is more soluble. Tweezing is another temporary remedy to unwanted facial hair. This is best to use when you are dealing with tiny hair follicles. The downside of this method is that it is time consuming as well as painful. So make sure that your skin is soft before you start tweezing your hairs out. Threading is another hair trend that is offered in different spas and salons. The specialist makes use of strands of thread to pull out the hair. Hair growth can be expected after 2 to 6 weeks of doing this procedure. Most women prefer bleaching to deal with unwanted facial hair. It rids the need of pulling or removing the hair as you will only bleach it to make it appear lighter. But you cannot use this method on compact hair as the result is usually undesirable.

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There are also products that are called hair inhibitors. They do not literally remove the hair, instead they slow down the process of hair growth. They work on the hair follicles to make it appear thinner and finer. Hair inhibitors are usually in cream-like or gel form that can easily be applied on the affected area. If the mentioned remedies do not sound appealing to you, then you can opt to use permanent hair removal products instead. Electrolysis is one of the newest techniques that are out in the market today. It makes use of an electric shock that kills the root of the hair. One thing that you should be cautious about this method is the possibility of using non-sterilized needles which can lead to harmful side effects. Laser treatments are also sought after by many women. Although the price can get a bit high, they say that the results are all worth it. This treatment makes use of a laser beam that can efficiently kill the hair follicle. Unless this procedure is guaranteed to be performed by a professional, do not enroll in this procedure or your hair problem could get worse.


All You Need To Know About Laser Light Hair Removal

If you are having troubles with unwanted hair in any part of your body, laser light hair removal is one of the best options available for you. This method is one of the most advanced in terms of facial hair removal and also one of the most effective in the field. If you are having second thoughts about this hair removal method, read on and find out everything you need to know about laser treatment.

How Laser Lights Work

Laser hair removal technology uses beam of lights to send heat energy into the hair. This causes inflammation in the follicles and results in the thinning of hair in the target area and reduction of hair growth. After several treatment sessions, the growth of hair can be reduced to the minimum or even non-existent level. This makes laser treatment as one of the most effective and best permanent hair removal methods today.

There are different kinds of laser wavelengths that must be used for successful hair removal of different skin and hair color. Only a qualified and skilled laser operator must be consulted in terms of what the best kind of laser treatment is you must submit to.

What To Expect From Your Laser Light Treatment

Unlike other methods such as hair removal cream application, waxing, and plucking, laser treatment is known to offer permanent results in a lot of cases. This is not to mention yet that the removal method is quick, safe, and painless. Depending on the target area, one session may only last for 45 minutes to an hour. After a couple of sessions, you can expect to say goodbye to all hair removal methods and all the side effects they can offer.

However, like other hair removal methods, laser hair removal has also some risks to offer. Most of the time, patients will suffer from skin irritation right after each laser treatment session. Though this can be just a minor side effect and can go away in time, this can cause a very serious discomfort in some patients to the point that they can’t anymore function normally after the treatment.

Moreover, laser treatment can cause skin discoloration. Some get dark patches while others get dark patches. This discoloration can, however, be treated in due time. However, this can cause a lot of embarrassment on the part of the patients, especially if they have undergone facial hair removal using laser technology.

The Costs Involved

You probably know that laser hair removal treatment is something really costly. However, this is not always the case. Depending on the part of the body you want to be treated, the price of laser removal can vary significantly. For instance, if done on both legs, the price can start from 500 dollars per treatment session. On the other hand, if it is done on the upper lip portion of the face, the price can be as low as 100 dollars. And since each part of the body requires different numbers of sessions to achieve good results, the cost of laser treatment can add up dramatically.

However, what a lot of people do not know is that the cost of laser hair removal is only expensive upfront. It only requires up to six sessions before a permanent hair-free skin can be achieved. If you do the math, you will pay even lesser when it comes to laser treatment as compared to other treatment methods such as waxing. Imagine having to wax once or twice a month for a lifetime. You will need to purchase a lot of waxing kits or you will need to submit to professional waxing and end up spending not only more in the long run but also a lot of your time and effort.

Laser light hair removal treatment is something to look forward to when it comes to hair removal goals. Though there are risks involved, everything can be cleared with the help of a good professional. As a final note, make sure you only deal with a trusted and qualified laser operator. After all, it is with the skills of the operator that you need to count on when speaking of the effectiveness, safety, and smoothness of this hair removal method.

Was this all you wanted to know? Do you have additional questions? Ask us, and we will find out for you!

How To Get Rid Of Hair On Face: 3 Permanent Solutions To Choose From

Are you sick and tired of unsightly facial hair? Then, why are you still using plucking and shaving techniques? These hair removal methods will only make facial hair more of a problem for you. Since you have to deal with them almost every day, your frustrations will appear to you every time you look at the mirror. The good news for you is that there are several options for you on how to get rid of hair on face permanently. The options include laser treatment, electrolysis, and hair removal creams.

Laser Treatment

Laser hair removal is a process that uses pulsed beams of light to get rid of hair growth. The light targets the pigment in the hair follicles, which damages the surrounding follicle. As a result, the follicles cannot support hair growth anymore, giving a permanent hair removal result.

When speaking of removing facial hair using laser, the session can last for a few minutes. However, it requires several sessions before the permanent hair-free face can be achieved. Plus, there are risks of side effects along with this hair removal option. This includes skin discoloration, burns, and blisters. Though the side effects can be temporary, they can still cause enough embarrassment in the part of the patient.

Moreover, laser treatment is expensive. Though facial laser treatment is cheaper as compared to laser treatments in other parts of the body, the price still revolves around a hundred dollars per session. Plus, laser treatment is not perfect for all people. Most of the time, people with red, gray, and blonde hair cannot get good results out of this procedure and so as people with tanned or dark skin.


Electrolysis has the same goal as laser treatment, only that they differ in how they implement the techniques to damage the hair follicles. In this option, electric current is delivered to individual hair follicles to destroy the roots. The electric current is passed on using a metal probe or a needle-shaped electrode. Just like laser treatment, electrolysis hair removal requires multiple sessions as well for permanent hair removal results.

Electrolysis can be trusted by most people because, unlike laser, it can offer good results to different skin and hair types. Plus, electrolysis has the best track record in terms of overall permanent hair removal results.

However, electrolysis is not a perfect hair removal procedure, too. It is also very expensive since a 30-minute session is usually priced $45 dollars. Since this is something that must be done with precision, this procedure can last for several hours. This is not to mention yet that you need a number of sessions before you can get satisfactory results out of electrolysis.

Hair Removal Creams

Topical creams are gaining popularity these days in terms of permanent facial hair removal. However, unlike electrolysis and laser treatments, creams work a lot slower. It usually takes one to six months before permanent hair removal can be achieved. However, the wait is worth it as for the time being, the hair follicles are being damaged gradually.

Hair removal creams are very easy to use, not to mention yet very cheap as compared to the other options. They can be used at home when facial hair needs grooming. The creams just need to be applied on the face and wiped off after four minutes. The ingredients in the creams are absorbed by the hair follicles, which make the hair brittle eventually. When the surface is wiped off, the hair is also wiped clean. The hair can grow again after a week or so but the hair will already grow fainter and thinner. This will go on until such time that the hair follicles cannot support hair growth anymore.

However, the most common problem in a lot of hair removal creams these days is that not all of them work for your advantage. There are creams that are not true to their promises and there are some that contain harsh chemicals that can be damaging to the skin.

Finding the Best Option

Your budget or your time is not always the only consideration when choosing the best procedure to submit to for permanent facial hair removal. As a tip, it is always best to consult a dermatologist first so that you can be given an advice in terms of what method will work best for your advantage. This is because besides the effectiveness of the procedures, your skin type, hair type, and a lot of other skin health factors must be considered to find the best treatment option for you.

Now, you can be fully relieved from the embarrassments and frustrations brought to you by unsightly facial hair. There are already permanent solutions on how to get rid of hair on face nowadays. Your only role here is to find the one that will work best for you.

Electrolysis Hair Removal: A Comprehensive Guide

Does sending unwanted hair to kingdom come sound ridiculous? Century-old electrolysis hair removal tells us to think twice.

Electrolysis is a 130-year-old hair removal method that uses electric current to annihilate unwanted hair in different parts of the body. It was initially used to treat hard to remove ingrown eyelashes until the method proved to offer ultimately permanent hair-free results.

Little is written about electrolysis as the true-blooded permanent hair removal in the market but through the years electrolysis hair removal proved to gradually remove unwanted hair and really keeps it from growing back. Unfortunately, the hype on laser hair removal overshadowed the true promise of permanent hair removal electrolysis offers. In fact, electrolysis is often referred as electrolysis laser hair removal thinking that it is a type of laser hair treatment. Ironically, electrolysis can be considered as the superior type of hair removal since it really offers permanent hair removal compared to laser hair removal, which actually only offers permanent hair reduction.

Electrolysis may have suffered a bad fate in the hair removal market but the good news is that people who are less likely candidates for a laser hair removal can resort to electrolysis hair removal to solve their unwanted hair woes.

The Procedure

Electrolysis is done by running an electrical pulse through a sterilized needle that is painstakingly inserted into each hair follicle, which will not grow again after the treatment. Electrolysis can remove hair from almost any part of the body except for hair on the mole and hair inside the nose and ears.

3 Types of Electrolysis Hair Removal

Electrolysis hair removal has three basic methods namely Galvanic, Thermolysis, and Blend. Each differs in the kind of current used in the procedure.

  • Galvanic. Lye is produced by its electro-chemical current. It is the first method of electrolysis best used for thick and coarse hair. The current converts salt and water in the follicles into lye, which effectively prevents hair regrowth.
  • Thermolysis. A radio wave produces the high frequency heat current. The method is best used for removing fine hair.
  • Blend.  A combination of Galvanic and Thermolysis methods leading to a more rapid production of electro-chemical current. The Blend electrolysis is best used for facial hair removal.


Electrolysis hair removal is a painful procedure making it less attractive for most people who want to get rid of unwanted hair. The level or degree of pain would vary on the coarseness of the hair to be removed. Apart from leaving the treated person almost permanently hair-free, electrolysis can result to redness and swelling of the skin. Scabs are possible to appear, which can and should be treated immediately to avoid infection and worst scars. Darker skinned people may also temporarily get light or dark spots around the treated body part.

Electrolysis Hair Removal Cost

Electrolysis hair removal cost would depend on a lot of factors such as professional fee of the electrologist, hair count to be removed, and body part where hair to be removed is located. It is, however, cheaper compared to laser hair removal.

Electrologists currently charge $45 to $125 per hour. A rough estimate can be achieved by multiplying the electrologist’s professional fee by the number of hours it would take to remove hair in a particular part of the body. The coarser and the thicker the hair, the longer it takes in doing the procedure. Take note, however, that it will not be done in one session. The number of hours required to remove hair in particular part of the body will be divided into several sessions.

Electrolysis vs. Laser

Whether electrolysis hair removal is better than laser hair removal, the answer depends on the physical condition, financial capacity, and tolerance to pain of the person.

Laser is less painful. Despite the painless marketing stunt, laser hair removal method still renders an ant bite sting on the person undergoing the procedure. This, however, is less painful compared to the pain a person would experience in electrolysis hair removal.

Electrolysis is more affordable. Obviously, laser is way more expensive than electrolysis and the former won’t guarantee zero-hair forever. In terms of price and permanent results, electrolysis hair removal scores better.

Laser performs faster. Unlike electrolysis, laser can target and break a group of hair follicle in an instant and less hassle. Electrolysis, on the other hand, hits hair follicles one by one that is very time consuming. Time wise, laser renders better.

Electrolysis applies to all types of hair. One can quickly say that people with a big budget should go for laser hair removal and those who don’t should settle with electrolysis hair removal. The case, however, may vary with the physical condition of a person especially when people with light crowning glory such as red, grey, white, and blond hair are less likely candidates for laser hair removal. Thus, even if they have the money to afford a laser hair treatment, there would still be a very big possibility for them to still undergo an electrolysis hair removal, which would actually address their unwanted hair problem.

People with dark hair are the best candidates for laser hair removal, a procedure which uses a fine intense light beam that is best absorbed by dark objects. Thus, dark hair is easily broken down since it absorbs more laser energy. Since light-colored hair will absorbs laser less, there is also less chances of achieving desired results from laser hair removal.

Electrolysis, however, is not limited to such heat or light energy principles. Whether it’s dark or light hair, electrolysis hair removal will do the hair removal job for you.


It is always safe to consult a doctor before undergoing an electrolysis hair removal treatment. Pregnant women and people with IUD are usually prohibited to undergo the procedure. Moreover, make sure that the procedure is performed by a trained or certified electrologist.

Electrolysis hair removal though the closest permanent hair removal anyone can avail, laser hair treatment is sought more for its painless procedure. With the saying that goes “no pain, no glory”, electrolysis is the only way to permanently zero-hair.


Effective Female Facial Hair Removal Methods

When we talk about real beauty, we cannot deny the fact that a part of it is grooming unwanted hairs that might grow on our faces. Not only the modern description brings this pressure of taking off these hairs but even during the ancient times, women used several ways for female facial hair removal that has become a very important thing to do. Every single day we grow them in any part of our body that some are even not that noticeable until they grow thicker and what’s even worse is when they’re right on your face. There’s only one thing that would best describe this fact and that’s not being in the circle of pretty faces and you don’t want that, do you? That’s why you need to read on and find out how to get rid of them.

One of the most common ways of facial hair removal for women is plucking. This is what they call the most practical way of doing it because all you would ever need to have is a pair of tweezers. This pair of the so-called powerful tool can get you on track for a daily upkeep of your eyebrows and they are only sold at a very affordable price. An important thing that you need to remember though is the fact that you also have to learn how to do it the right way. Of course you wouldn’t want to look like an alien with your unbalanced eyebrow form. There are several ways that you can take in choosing a look for your eyebrows using your tweezers which will not only remove your unwanted hair but also give you that appealing look for your eyes.

Another process for facial hair removal is by bleaching. This is applicable for the upper part of your lips where you unintentionally grow a beard-looking hair if you don’t give any attention to it. Remember that hairs can grow fast and you won’t notice them till you get humiliated by their existence on your supposedly beautiful face. All you need to have is a bleaching cream that you can buy from any beauty shops in the market and pair it with an activator to get started. On the other hand, you have to keep in mind that not everyone is safe from allergies. There are some instances that no matter how high quality your bleaching cream is, if your skin never adheres to it, you will always find yourself in trouble. It will either be redness of the skin or other types of irritations.

Besides the mentioned ways, another effective method of removing hair is by laser hair removal. If you compare this with any others, it may really sound enticing because of the fact that it is easier, less painful and most of all done by professionals. If you have the budget for this, then you can totally opt for that type of technique but if you are looking into something more cost-effective or even more so free, and then you can go for the ones mentioned above. Although this could be the most recommended process for female facial hair removal for most people nowadays, still it is not a practical move for a woman to do especially if you want it on a daily maintenance. And always keep in mind that the best way to achieve things in an effective way is by doing them within the brackets of your budget and inside the safety net.