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Appetite Suppressant Diet Pills For Weight Loss

Most people will agree with the fact that it is a tough chore to lose weight. With temptations sitting around the corner, it is not at all easy to start shredding off some pounds. This is where the job of appetite suppressant diet pills comes in. They can offer you assistance towards your goal of an ideal body weight.




Appetite Suppressant Pills: How They Work

Appetite suppressants can help limit your food intake by around 40 percent, which brings down your daily caloric intake without too much cravings for other foods. Some pills work to reduce the appetite, which will make you not feel hungry. Other pills will increase your satiety, which will make you feel full for a longer period of time. Here are the different kinds of appetite suppressants and how they work to help you manage your weight:

  • Appetite suppressants mimicking noradrenaline action. These are anorectic drugs in the market that mimic the noradrenaline effect in the body’s central nervous system. They act as stimulants to power up the nerves and the brain, which results to an increased heart rate and blood pressure and decreased appetite. This often results in the feeling of fullness and decreased hunger.
  • Appetite suppressants mimicking serotonine action. These appetite suppressant drugs work by increasing the serotonine level in the body, which plays a vital role in a lot of brain functions such as memory, mood, sleep, sexual desire, pain perception, and appetite. However, this kind of drug usually fails to promote long-term weight loss and can offer potentially life-threatening side effects.
  • Appetite suppressants with mixed serotonine and norepinephrine action. They work in the area of the brain that signals satiety. With this, the pills tell your brain that you are full, which will help you stop eating and consume less food.
  • Appetite suppressants acting on the endocanabinoid system. These are newly developed suppressants, which act on the canabinoid system that promote appetite control.

Top Appetite Suppressant Pills that Work

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Here are the top appetite suppressant pills available in the market:

  • UniqueHoodia

This is just a recently launched over-the-counter natural appetite suppressant that has already turned out to be one of the best Hoodia products. This is made from Hoodia Gordonii, and it is designed to suppress the appetite and curb cravings that will help you lose pounds easily. According to reviews, most users are losing three to five pounds per week using this appetite suppressant.

  • Phen375

This is an over-the-counter weight loss supplement that is made from a mixture of compounds, which have appetite suppressing, thermogenic, and fat burning properties. This offers decreased appetite, more energy, increased strength and performance, better shaped muscles, and less fat around the belly.

  • Proactol

This is a clinically proven fat binder with strong appetite suppression properties. This is a hundred percent natural weight loss pill from organic ingredients and it promises no side effects. It works to block around 28 percent of your consumed fat, which prevents them from being absorbed by the body. It also suppresses the appetite, reduces caloric intake, and regulate cholesterol levels in the body.

  • Zortrim

This is another natural appetite suppressant made from three natural ingredients such as the yerbe mate, guarana, and damiana. Its weight loss offers are backed up by various clinical studies.

Dangers of Appetite Suppressant Pills

Unfortunately, appetite suppressant pills can have a serious impact on your health. Here are some of their possible side effects:

  • Heart problems. Appetite suppressants such as sibutramine and phentermine can help increase your heart rate and blood pressure. This often results in seizure, arrhythmia, shortness of breath, severe headache, and blurred vision.  Severe reactions may lead to a heart attack or stroke.
  • Insomnia. An appetite suppressant can cause insomnia because pills like this directly affect the nervous system. Some patients ask their doctors to prescribe them sleep aids until the sleep pattern returns to normal. However, there are certain risks to sleep aids such as dependency, nervousness, and irritability.
  • Gastrointestinal problems. This includes diarrhea, stomach cramping, upset stomach, nausea, and constipation.


Choosing the Right Appetite Suppressant Pills

There are dozens of appetite suppressant pills in the market these days. However, take note that most of them are not your best options. There are pills that are just for show and there are natural appetite suppressants that work. Your fate in appetite suppressant pills is usually within your hands.

One thing you have to do is to consult a professional. There are lots of over-the-counter appetite suppressant pills these days but it is still a good idea to talk to your doctor about your plans of getting a weight loss pill. That way you can discuss all there is about appetite suppressants including their results, side effects, and the like. This is especially true if you are suffering from medical conditions such as diabetes, heart problems, and the like.

Moreover, you must go for appetite suppressants that are clinically proven. Meaning, all their claims are backed up by research. Also, it is important that you pick only the safe products in the market. There are various appetite suppressant pills that have very dangerous side effects. The FDA has banned several pills for appetite suppression. This includes Ephedra, Fen-Phen, and Phenylpropanolamine. Stay away from these products because they are banned due to serious reasons of life-threatening side effects.

Check out this quiz from AppetiteSuppressantsReview.com to help you choose the right appetite suppressant pill for you. Take this quiz here.

Natural Alternatives

Did you know that besides pills, there are other ways to suppress the appetite for the goal of losing weight? For instance, there are some foods that have natural appetite suppressing properties. This includes foods rich in protein and fiber such as nuts, apples, oatmeal, salads, and other fruits and green leafy vegetables.

HCG drops are also natural appetite suppressant options. HCG is a natural occurring hormone that can very well in a substantial weight reduction. This hormone naturally targets stored fat to help in weight loss successfully.

What appetite suppressant diet pills have you tried before? Leave a comment!

The Wonders of an All Natural Appetite Suppressant

In the process of losing weight, controlling one’s appetite is very important. However, a lot of people are having a hard time doing just that. Some have given up the fight and some, continued to pursue their dreams of losing weight. Losing weight can sometimes be frustrating, especially if you have tried all means, yet, in the end you failed. But with the aid of technology, controlling your hunger and cravings can now be possible. All natural appetite suppressant can help you overcome one of the biggest challenges when trying to lose weight: controlling appetite. If this can be prevented, then, losing weight can be easier. Natural appetite suppressants are classified into 3 options: supplements, whole food or a combination of both.

Supplements as natural appetite suppressants are more convenient, however, they are expensive. An example of this suppressant is Hoodia Gordonii. This cactus-like plant can be found in the Kalahari Desert of South Africa. Finding this plant in its raw form may seem impossible, however, you can find it in diet pills. Most diet pills that claim to have this as its active ingredient contain small amounts of this plant ,yet, they can be effective appetite suppressants. While they are convenient, they are also very expensive. Another example for natural suppressants is whey protein. They have been employed for years as an effective natural appetite suppressant. Whey protein powder is also excellent in muscle growth, which is important since muscle burns fat. Unlike Hoodia Gordonii, they are very affordable, convenient and they also come in a variety of flavors.

Whole foods are excellent in suppressing appetite since they are inexpensive and they also provide nutritional benefits that you can’t get from a supplement. An example of whole food as natural appetite suppressant is water. It is by far, considered the best appetite suppressant. Intake of plenty of water throughout the day will work wonders to curb your appetite. By taking a glass of water before meal, you will be surprised at how much less you eat. Water can make you feel full that is why you get to eat less. Green leafy vegetables are also excellent natural appetite suppressants. They are low in calories and have high amounts of fiber. Good examples are lettuce, cabbage and spinach. Pickles or preserved small cucumbers also make great suppressants. They have very low calorie content and binging on them the entire day surely will not make you feel guilty. Just like pickles, apples are also one of the best appetite suppressants. An apple only contains less than 100 calories that is why they make a great substitute for high-caloric chocolates and potato chips. Also, apples are a good source of fiber and have little carbohydrate content.

Losing weight is indeed a very hard thing to do. It takes a lot of effort and patience to achieve them. With the aid of supplements, controlling one’s appetite can now be likely. Once you find a way to control your appetite, then, you are just few steps away from losing those extra pounds.

3 Types of Appetite Suppressant

The appetite suppressant is the modern day one-way ticket to a sexy body figure, or for those who are almost there already, but don’t know how to lose belly fat (the hardest part!). It became popular in curbing food cravings, which can’t be stopped by regular exercise and dieting alone. Changing the dieting landscape, appetite suppressants made weight loss programs an enjoyable ride. People no longer have to be hard on themselves in resisting delicious but weight gaining dishes. The supplement will naturally make them not want to eat even if they are standing before a buffet of delectable meals.

Sounds great, right? Appetite suppressants ideally serve people who want to lose weight but lack the strong will power to resist food cravings. Will it work for you? Read on.

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What is an Appetite Suppressant?

It is a dietary supplement that aids weight loss by reducing your desire for food. An appetite suppressant actually works as a bulking agent that absorbs liquid in your stomach that swells up to make you feel fuller. Thus, altering metabolism and lowering your appetite for food.

There are 3 different types of appetite suppressants:

  • natural appetite suppressants (can be taken from food sources)
  • herbal appetite suppressants (can be taken from plant extracts)
  • prescription appetite suppressants (come in the form of capsules and pills)

All of these appetite suppressants work to reduce food cravings.

Natural Appetite Suppressant

Nuts, fruits, and vegetables serve as a natural appetite suppressant. If you’re a first-timer in appetite suppressants, choosing natural sources in curbing your desire for food is the best appetite suppressant you can resort to. It is the safest and healthiest way to fight food cravings. Natural appetite suppressant can also be concocted to a delicious dish making the intake palatably enjoyable and satisfying. Green salads, apples, flaxseeds, and pine nuts are among the best sources of appetite suppressing nutrients. Natural appetite suppressants are usually high in fiber and protein contents that produce hunger reduction chemical hormones in the brain thus, naturally making one less hungry for food.

Here is a short list of foods that can act as a natural appetite suppressant:

  • Green leafy vegetables. Vegetables are known to contain fiber, which is responsible in making you feel full longer for a period of time. Hence, it is always recommended that you eat a green salad of different vegetables if you are trying to control your appetite. A single bowl of salad consumed before a meal can already make you eat less during the main course. Some of the best green leafy vegetables you can take advantage of are spinach, cabbage, and lettuce.
  • Apples. Apples are also packed with a lot of fiber, which make this fruit a good appetite suppressant. Plus, apples are dense fruits, which mean you take longer to finish an entire fruit. This kind of eating setup can trick your stomach that you have eaten more when in fact you really have not.
  • Protein foods. Foods with protein are also ideal appetite suppressants. This is true because protein is absorbed by the body slowly. This means that you will feel full for a longer period of time. However, take note that not all protein-rich foods can work for you. The best choices are those that contain lean protein including fish, turkey, chicken, and skim milk.
  • Nuts. Nuts such as almonds contain pinolenic acid that produces hunger-suppressing hormones in the body. You can take almonds as a snack or serve it with your other meals. Doing this will help you feel full quicker to control your urge to eat more.
  • Oatmeal. Having oatmeal for breakfast can make you feel full all day. It is packed with dietary fiber, which is responsible for making you full for a longer period of time.
  • Water. Water keeps your body from being dehydrated. If the body is dehydrated, it often sends signals of hunger. So if you keep hydrated all throughout the day, you can expect lesser chances of feeling hungry.

Herbal Appetite Suppressant

Falling between a natural and prescription appetite suppressant, the herbal appetite suppressant is sourced from natural plant extracts that can minimize food cravings and can have strong hunger controlling power in the body. Some herbal appetite suppressants require a doctor’s prescription. It is a common alternative for people who want to lose weight but don’t want to infuse chemical drugs in their body. One, however, can buy over-the-counter herbal appetite suppressants that are effective though less strong that those prescribed by doctors.

Some herbs that can work for appetite suppression include:

  • Dandelion. This is known to help you control your cravings for sweet treats. Plus, this helps in flushing out toxins from your kidneys and even boosting your metabolism. Dandelion can be taken in tea or capsule form.
  • Fennel. This is a great natural appetite suppressant as it can reduce the mucus and fat in the intestinal tract. Though commonly used as a spice, fennel can be purchased as a bagged tea for your consumption.
  • Licorice. Licorice root in particular can reduce cravings for sweets because it regulates the blood sugar level. There are several ways to take licorice root such as tea, extract, and tincture made from dried root.
  • Cinnamon. Cinnamon has positive effects on the insulin and blood sugar, which helps in reducing food cravings.
  • Siberian ginseng. This can stabilize your blood sugar to help you reduce your food cravings. However, it is not recommended for people with high blood pressure as it has a stimulating effect on the body. Siberian ginseng can be purchased as tea, capsule, or tincture.
  • Hoodia. This is one of the most popular herbal appetite suppressants these days.  It has already proven its effectiveness and safety when it comes to appetite suppression.
  • Other herbs. A lot of other herbs are ideal appetite suppressants. This includes stevia, green tea, and some herbs that are packed with fiber.

Prescription Appetite Suppressant

One can level up to a doctor prescribed appetite suppressant if a natural appetite suppressant fails to work on you. Prescription appetite suppressants usually come in the forms of a capsule, tablet pills, and a drink. It is quite stronger than natural appetite suppressants and may trigger some harmful effects on your body. That is why a doctor’s prescription is required before you can do the purchase. A prescription appetite suppressant is ideal for people with serious obesity condition and very strong appetite problem.

Here is a list of some of the most effective prescription appetite suppressants in the market:

  • Phentermine. This is an oral prescription appetite suppressant, which is intended only for short-term use together with a weight loss program that includes exercise, dieting, and counseling. It is usually reserved for patients who are grossly overweight. Some side effects of Phentermine intake are high blood pressure, impotence, hives, insomnia, increased heart rate, intestinal problems, and restlessness. It is important to take note that Phentermine can cause alertness issues, which means you must get away from driving and other activities that may require alertness.
  • Phendimetrazine. This pill can stimulate the central nervous system and also produce physiological effects in the body. This includes increases in blood pressure and heart rate as well as appetite suppression. Doctors prescribe this appetite suppressant for short term use only, usually up to 12 weeks only. Serious side effects associated with taking Phendimetrazine are allergic reaction, high blood pressure, hallucinations, confusions, and irregular heartbeat. More common side effects are restlessness, dizziness, insomnia, and headache.
  • Sibutramine. This appetite suppressant targets the appetite control present in the brain. This must be taken with diet and exercise for best weight loss results. Taking Sibutramine may cause drowsiness, headache, heartburn, constipation, dry mouth, and weakness.


An appetite suppressant is a quick solution to food lovers who want to achieve a sexy body figure. One, however, must not solely rely on the supplement. Regular exercise and proper diet should still be observed while working your way out in shedding that heavy weight away.


Top 10 Natural Appetite Suppressant Foods

The natural appetite suppressant tops the checklist for the safest and healthiest weight loss program. It allows eating of delicious meals while maintaining an ideal weight. People can do away with chemical drugs to control the desire for food. The secret lies in natural appetite suppressant foods found in our kitchen that with a little culinary creativity can be concocted to a delectable dish, which one can enjoy without the risk of gaining weight. We have searched all natural appetite suppressants on the web and below are the top 10 natural appetite suppressant one can try for him or her self.

Natural Appetite Suppressant No. 1: Almonds

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Nuts contain pinolenic acid that promotes hunger suppressing hormone production in the body. Almonds are considered as a superior nut that can reduce the feeling of hunger. It is best eaten as a snack or served with a meal to make you quickly feel full. So far, almonds top the list as the best natural appetite suppressant.

Natural Appetite Suppressant No. 2: Salmon

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Eating raw salmon as a pre-meal treat will surely help you eat less during the main course. The raw fish contains healthy fats that can keep you feel full in the next hours. It is also very rich in protein, which helps salmon serve as a very satiable meal.

Natural Appetite Suppressant No. 3: Oatmeal

Unsweetened real oatmeal is very high in dietary fiber and healthy carbohydrates that can help you feel full all day. That is why many people prefer eating oatmeal during breakfast. It is also an ideal power meal for people with bad cholesterol problem.

Natural Appetite Suppressant No. 4: Wasabi

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Don’t you wonder why a lot of Japanese people are slim and slender? The secret is found in the appetite suppressing spicy wasabi, which is a household condiment in Japan. The spicy condiment also provides a natural anti-inflammatory solution and helps in reducing the risk of cancer.

Natural Appetite Suppressant No. 5: Soups

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Have you read the book Chicken Soup for the Soul? It features heavy but inspiring anecdote about life yet keeps the soul light. Likewise, chicken soup can be a heavy appetite reducing meal yet saves you from crying in the weighing scale. You may also try vegetable soups. Anyway, hot liquids edge off hunger the chicken or vegetables in the soup makes you feel fuller.

Natural Appetite Suppressant No. 6: Hoodia

Garden plant Hoodia is a popular slimming supplement. It usually takes the form of natural appetite suppressant pills. It is considered natural since the pills contain the natural extracts of Hoodia. Hunters eat Hoodia’s flower-like stems raw to fight off hunger in the wild.

Natural Appetite Suppressant No. 7: Water

Yes, drinking water can fill your stomach and help you feel full. The secret, however, is hydration. If we keep our body dehydrated, it will send wrong signals to our brain that we are hungry instead of thirsty. Dehydration also weakens the body that can also send hunger signals to the brain telling us to eat to reenergize the body.

Natural Appetite Suppressant No. 8: Caffeine

Caffeine’s power to stimulate our central nervous system has a good side effect: reducing appetite. Of course, when you’re energized the body won’t send signal to the brain for a need of food intake to give you energy. Caffeine, however, must be taken in moderate amount to avoid harmful health effects.

Natural Appetite Suppressant No. 9: Flaxseeds

Offering a significant dose of soluble fiber and essential fatty acids, flaxseeds are one of the most popular natural appetite suppressants. It can easily be sprinkled on a smoothie, yogurt, and salads.

Natural Appetite Suppressant No. 10: Apples

It won’t just keep the doctor away but unwanted weight as well. Apples are rich in fiber that can fill up the stomach for a long period of time.

So stop looking far ahead. Natural appetite suppressants can simply be found in your kitchen. A little patience in preparing it with your meal will bring you a step closer to your dream weight.